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Abundant Life Mission

To equip young people to take the word of God to the streets and into the homes of “every tongue, kindred and nation”, evangelizing anywhere, anytime, and to everyone in the most creative way to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Abundant Life Vision

To grant young people the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the true meaning and purpose of life.
To realize the battle between good and evil and acknowledge that there is a constant struggle in oneself to choose between these two powers.
To know that the choices we make mold character, thus the most important task that God has entrusted to man is to build a character that is like unto  God.
To establish a personal relationship with God – as the only God, Redeemer and Friend – through spending personal time in devotion, Bible study, prayer and contemplation.
To discover Bible truths in God’s Word and to live thereby and be steadfast in the temptations that life may bring.
To develop a passion and a vision to spread the Gospel to others thereby growing God’s Kingdom.
To disciple young people to become true servant leaders, ready and competent to serve a world in need.