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On this page you will find more information about Abundant Life and how to become part of next year’s group.

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Op hierdie bladsy sal jy meer inligting vind oor Abundant Life en hoe om deel te word van volgende jaar se groep.


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ABL Annual Training Program (Limited to 12 people ages 18-26)

Would you like to have a meaningful life changing year in 2023 in a special time of getting to know God much better and learning many diverse skills in the year ahead? Commencement date is January 23 2023.

Would you like to go on several tours to various towns and cities throughout South Africa doing programs at churches, schools, prisons, old age homes, orphanages, serving communities and doing mission work?

Would you like to enjoy a year of getting physically fit spending time in hikes, cycle tours and camps during the year.

Would you like to earn four internationally recognised certificates

  1. Bible workers Certificate: Work as a Bible worker anywhere in the world
  2. AFM Missionary Certificate: Work internationally in various AFM missionary programs
  3. Golden Leadership Certificate
  4. Community Service Certificate

These are recognised certificates by AFM International and  the SDA Conferences and SDA Unions of Africa giving the student the credentials of working as a World Wide Missionary or as a Bible Worker for a Church or Conference.

Would you like to do six other courses conducted during the year (subject to circumstances like Covid)

  1. Medical Ministry including First Aid
  2. Nutrition and Cooking
  3. Social Media and Website Design
  4. Art Design and Music (Learn to play guitar and sing) Piano optional
  5. Food Agriculture
  6. Entrepreneurship


Each year we take in new members between the ages of 18 and 26 to join the Abundant Life team for a year or longer to Training and Service and Mission at Abundant Life.  The  group receives four months of extensive training (and enjoyable activities) at the beginning of the year to complete their certificate courses and prepare for their service and mission activities in the rest of the year. Experts in each field of training come from all over South Africa to provide the necessary training to ensure that once the members go out, they are thoroughly equipped to spread the gospel and fulfill the mission of Abundant Life.

In the remaining part of the year the group does several other courses (and enjoyable activities) and go on tours to various parts of the country to do programs of service, mission, and outreach to schools, institutions, churches and communities. We also do various camps, hikes, bicycle marathons etc.  We also do some quite unexpected fun games and activities such as the Amazing Race etc. to build resourcefulness and self-confidence.

Want to find out more or sign up?  Register your interest above then follow the steps below.

Procedure for signing up for ABL

  • Fill in the Questionnaire and Application form, and send it through to our office at abladmin@abundant.co.za
  • Your Application form must be accompanied by a copy of your ID, Matric certificate, and CV
  • One of the committee members will then organize an interview with you.
  • After your interview your application will be taken to the committee for approval.
  • You will then be notified by a committee member of your approval.

Please open documents below then save, fill in saved files and email them to us on email address abladmin@abundant.co.za

NOTE the following points relating to the Debit Order Form:

  • The Debit order form is your most important responsibility in terms of funding. 
  • The Debit order form must be duplicated and sent to all persons that will be willing to sponsor you for a 12 month period.
  • All Debit order forms must be handed in at the latest on the date of your arrival at Abundant Life, to ensure that the first deduction will be made at the end of January or beginning of February of that year.
  • Your admission will not be possible without the necessary debit order forms from sponsors for the required funds.

Please make sure that you start working on this debit order matter as soon as you are accepted into the team.