Adonai Recording Studio

Record your Ideas

Are you a writer, poet, composer, musician, marketer etc? Do you want to record your idea, work, composition, poem or advertisement…? 

Adonai Recording Studio can assist you in recording and creating high quality tracks for all your needs.

We are stationed in Dundee, KZN. We offer various services such as:

– Sound Recording.
– Mixing Tracks.
– Mastering Tracks.
– Balancing Tracks.
– Editing Tracks and Music Manuscripts.
– Transcription from Track to paper.
– Translation from Pencil format compositions to Proffesional notation software script.
– Exportation of Notation Electronic script to various outputs.
– Book Compilation for final Script rendering.
– Video Editing.
– Inhouse live classically trained Musicians. (variety of musicians presenting over 7 well known instruments)

Contact details:

Cell: Mrs. Heidi Heyns 076 301 2954 (Whatsapp or Call for Bookings)

How does it Work?!

– Call for Info.
– Make a Booking.
– Submit Works or Docs via email.
– Prepare till recording date.

Rates and fees differ and are determined by what combination of services is needed to render the final production.

Fees are based on:

– Time recording & producing.
– Per project.
– Per Service rendered.
– Per Instrument.
– Per Genre.
– Contractual Royalty percentage Division.
– Tax.

Quotes – Electronically sent

All payments must be made via EFT.

50% Deposit of total fee two weeks prior to booking date. 

Final payment with final product. 

The Adonai Music and Recording team are looking forward to being at your service.