Abundant Life Drakensberg Campmeeting


OCTOBER 15-18 2020

Unfortunately we cannot hold an Abundant Life camp meeting in the Drakensberg this year. It is very sad, to miss out on that revival after 20 years, but we decided to hold an online camp meeting.

The goal of our camp meeting this year is to give people hope, and also to make everyone excited for the coming of Jesus, the time in Heaven as well as on the New Earth.

In the time in which we live there are so many hopeless messages, but we want to shift the focus.

We have selected a few people and decided to ask you some questions, which we would like you to answer, to encourage others and give hope for the wonderful future that awaits us.

Our request:
  We ask that you please record the answer / s and send it to us, so that we can use it during the camp meeting broadcasts.
  Answer 1-3 questions that speak to your heart.
  There are guidelines that it must adhere to that I will pass on.
  You can record it at home with your cellphone camera.
  Please send it in with your name & surname as well as congregation, to be put at the bottom. (For correct spelling please)
  Please send it by 28 September or earlier, to mtorlage@gmail.com


Questions about the great hope we have.
1. Why do you want to go to Heaven?
2. When you think of heaven, what excites you the most?
3. What are you most looking forward to on the New Earth?
4. What do you think of when you hear the word Heaven?
5. What is the first thing you will do when you get to Heaven?
6. With which Bible character would you like to visit, and why?

Recording Guidelines

• Give only the answer. You do not have to repeat the question. We will display the question on the screen for the viewers to see.
• Must be short and powerful. One or two sentences. (No longer than 30 seconds)
• The aim is to bring hope and excitement to all who will listen.🎉
• Speak load & clear.
• Can be answered in English or Afrikaans.
• If you want to answer more than one question, each question must be answered on a separate video.
• Must be a landscape footage. (Please no upright / vertical shots, Hold phone across.)
• Camera must be set to high quality. (HD / 4K)
• Wait two counts before you start chatting and 2 counts after you finish before stopping video. (Facilitates editing work)
• Be neatly dressed, comb your hair, etc. 😁 (church clothes not needed)
• Please no background noise.
• Preferably a head and shoulders survey. 🙎🏻‍♂️ (not full body)
• Do not stand in front of an open window or light shining on you from behind.🌞🚫
• Background must also be neat. (Eg made up bed, not in front of a pile of dishes, etc😛)
• Videos must be forwarded by email, not whatsApp.
(WhatsApp degrades quality)



About Camp meeting

Abundant life Camp meeting has been held in the Drakensberg mountains since the year 2000.  This is the ideal opportunity to get out of the rat-race of life, into nature and to build your relationship with Christ.


What can you expect at the camp meeting?

  • Morning manna devotions to start the day with Jesus
  • Uplifting messages by speakers that share God’s love.
  • Seminars in variety of topics, to deal with different aspects of life
  • Visit with old friends.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Making new God-fearing friends.

Programs for all ages

  • Cradle Roll
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary
  • Junior
  • Teen
  • Youth
  • Adult


Online 2020 Registration: 

Although we won’t have a camp meeting at Drakensville ATKV Resort this year, because of the Covid 19 Corona situation, we still plan to have a virtual camp meeting.

We will have programs for everyone, from the little ones, to those who have gained wisdom through the years.


Registration will be done online.

  • We are asking for a minimum donation of R50/person, or any amount that you feel impressed to give.
  • Create a username and password and then access the registration form.
  • Please fill in all the detail requested on the form, and submit
  • You will then have access to all the messages that will be streamed.


REGISTRATION (Normal Circumstances)

This camp meeting is not subsidised by any Conference, so for that reason a registration fee is charged to cover the overhead costs.

  • Everyone that attends the camp meeting must pay the registration fee.
  • Day visitors also need to pay the registration fee.
  • Day visitors will not be allowed if the registration fee is not paid.
  • The registration fee is used to pay for the overall expenses, like renting of venues, sound system, flight tickets, guest speakers’ expenses etc.
  • The resort need to know how many people will be on their premises.
  • Registration fees are per person for the camp meeting.


Baby 0-2years


Kindergarten 3-5 years


Primary & Junior 6-12 years


Teens & Adults



Accommodation at ATKV Drakensville Resort (when normality returns)

  • To ensure accomodation at Drakensville ATKV Resort, you need to book at least 3 of the 4 nights.
  • Chalets are fully self-catering
  • It has a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Bedding and towels are supplied.
  • Remember to bring your own swimming towels, dishwashing liquid and dishcloths.
  • Friday & Saturday night must be booked as a whole, and cannot be booked separately.
  • One extra person will be allowed in chalets at an extra cost.

Description of chalets

  • 2 Sleeper units are similar to a bachelor’s flat. One room with a private bathroom.
  • 4 Sleeper units have 2 separate private rooms; one with double bed and one with 2 twin beds. Open plan lounge, dining & kitchen area.  Sharing one bathroom.
  • 6 Sleeper units have 3 separate private rooms. One double bed in main room and the others 2 single beds per room. Open plan lounge, dining & kitchen area.  Sharing one bathroom.
  • Camping sites: Amount is per site.

Electricity: available at all sites. 6 people allowed per site.

Terms & Conditions:  Please read click here for the Terms & Conditions.

If you return a registration form you are confirming that you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Registration Form.

Please fill in all the names of the people staying in the chalet or on the camp site with you.

Click here for the registration form for this year:

2020:  Will be placed shortly


Drakensberg Camp meeting’s expenses is covered by the registration fee, as well as donations that are made by people who are inspired by God to give.

If you hear the Lord’s voice to make a donation for this method of reaching people, to give their lives to God, please make a donation in one of the following accounts.

Banking Details:

Account Name:
  Drakensberg Konferensie
Account Number: 909 694 3469
Savings account.
Reference: Your name & Donation please.

Account Name:
  Abundant Life Kampvergadering
Account Number: 622
Cheques account.
Reference: Your name & Donation please.


General Inquiries:     
Ps Heino Torlage (Charmain)
Cell no: 082923 8683
Email: heino@adlife.org.za

Maryna Torlage
Cell no: 081 534 3408
Email: maryna@adlife.org.za


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