Our Main Programs are Training, Ministry, Camps, Conferences, Events

All who require a spiritual revival are welcome to contact us for bookings or further information.

ABL Training Program for a Year

Each year a new group of young people commit a year of their lives to training and service at Abundant Life.  The  group receives four months of extensive training at the beginning of the year. Experts in each field of training come from all over South Africa to provide the necessary training to ensure that once the members go out, they are thoroughly equipped to spread the gospel and fulfill the mission of Abundant Life.
When they fulfill all the requirements, and succeed in achieving with higher excellence, they graduate with the following certificates

  • Abundant Life Golden Leadership Certificate
  • Adventist Frontier Student Missionary Certificate
  • Bible Workers Certificate.


Abundant Life is constantly busy at spreading the love of God and helping out at Schools, Churches, Retirement villages / homes, Hospitals, Community Outreaches


The majority of our programs are done at schools. Our programs are specifically worked out to focus on issues that students struggle with in school.

Programs are tailored to address and resolve, where possible, the needs of the students and are then presented to them in a creative and captivating manner.

Puppet shows and interesting activities are presented to younger children, giving them the opportunity to know Jesus from an early age.  Our themes include  co-operation, parent-child relationships, self-esteem, sex, drugs, peer pressure, bullying and the trials of daily life.

Because we are only at the school for a short period of time, we have a method to stay in touch through our Dare 2 Care Bible School.  You are more than welcome to read more about the Bible school, register  for lessons or donate on their website.



The youth in the church form a vital part of the body of Christ and we put a lot of time and energy into serving and also equipping them to be shining lights in a dark world.

We want each young person to be excited about working for the Lord.

This is achieved by sharing what God does inside ABL and encouraging the youth to start their own movements from within their local churches.

Old Age Homes

The youth are greatly honoured by the privilege of service to our older and wiser generation.   The blessing is most assuredly a mutual experience for both young and old when they are brought together through these outreach programs.

Other Outreach Events

We also manage to fit other outreach events into our busy schedule such as visiting hospitals and orphanages. Handing out an ice-cream and telling someone that Jesus loves him can make all the difference. 

Outreach Advent Hope School, Hluhluwe 

Over the years we have visited th Advent Hope School on an almost annual basis. Our work there includes general building maintenance such as painting and also larger building projects.


Abundant Life hosts several camps during the year. These camps are high-energy events and require lots of
behind-the-scenes preparation by staff and the ABL group. Many young people have commited their lives to Jesus as a result of our camps over the years.